Benefits of a modern overfill prevention system for tank trucks

Read more about which advantages you can have by using an enhanced overfill prevention system regarding time, safety and costs in our latest white paper.

Bottom loading has proven to be a reliable and efficient technology for over 50 years. It enables high-speed filling with typically 2300 l/ min of various fuel products simultaneously, increases work safety for truck drivers and protects the environment by means of a vapor recovery system.

The technology is primarily standardized based on API RP 1004 recommendations and further specified by international regulations and standards, e.g. European Directive 94/63/EC and CENELEC standard EN 13922. Essential to bottom loading applications is the overfill prevention system with the overfill prevention controller being the central unit.

Even though bottom loading is used worldwide as an industrial practice, there are still some inefficiencies and potential hazards by using inadequate equipment or misdirected processes.

In our latest white paper, you get information about

  • practical experiences
  • basics of overfill prevention for bottom loading vehicles
  • advantages of an enhanced overfill prevention system

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