Realizing safety of port terminal operation by marine grounding

New white paper about implementing a “Three Barrier” Safety Concept to reduce risks of hazards during marine loading. Download now for free!

Tankships have a mayor share in worldwide distribution of inflammable liquids. They transport various kinds of hazardous chemicals, oil products and liquefied gases to supply oil and gas industry, storage facilities and chemical plants. During loading and unloading of these products, an explosive gas atmosphere can arise at the loading pier.

Active sources, such as corrosion protection systems of the tankship, the jetty, pipelines or other infrastructure elements as well as influences of nearby railways may boost the potential difference between ship and shore and result into undefined electrical conditions.

Why does the so-called galvanic effect matters? How can you protect your terminal by implementing a “Three barrier” safety concept? Find answers in our latest white paper “Improving safety of port terminal operation by marine grounding”.

Get more information about TIMM’s Marine Grounding System SEK-3 on our SEK-3 product page or watch our new SEK-3 video on YouTube.

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